Joan Gillcrist, Owner

Andiamo grew out of the relationship Joan Gillcrist has with food. The Gillcrist family came together around the table. From an early age, Gillcrist took food seriously. “Food was very central to our social lives. It was a way for us to bring people together, especially those who didn’t have a place to go.”

After graduating from Stanford University, Gillcrist was on her way to medical school when she began working in her sister, chef Marion’s kitchen. A life changing detour ensued. “I realized that I felt totally comfortable there and loved it.” After apprenticing in the kitchens of several of Santa Fe’s best restaurants, Gillcrist opened Andiamo in 1995 with Chris Galvin. She credits Galvin, who trained in Italy and studied under David Tanis, now of Chez Panisse, as the initial creative force behind Andiamo’s food.

Esteban Parra, Chef

Parra joined Andiamo in 1996, training under Chris Galvin for three years before becoming chef in 1999. Prior to Andiamo, he trained under David Tanis, now of Chez Panisse, and spent four years in the kitchen at La Traviata in Santa Fe. Raised on a ranch in Northern Mexico, Parra is rooted in farm-raised food. At a young age, he learned many aspects of food preparation in his family’s catering business. Parra sees many similarities between Andiamo’s flavors and the fresh flavors he grew up with. After all of these years in the kitchen, Parra’s curiosity about food keeps him inspired.